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Leonardo da Vinci throughout his conscious life was interested first and foremost in man: the proportions of body parts, the beauty of facial features and maximising potential. The great master knew that man is key

We at Energon share this important truth, devoting particular attention to a healthy team atmosphere and establishing favourable conditions for such an environment:

  • we highly value people driven by ideas, and we are ready to offer every individual who comes to work to deliver a first-rate performance, in addition to the timely payment of wages, monthly, quarterly, and also annual premiums and bonuses;
  • our employees undergo regular certification, and we believe that it is essential to identify the potential in every one of our specialists and offer them the career development prospects that they deserve at the company;
  • we establish the necessary terms and conditions for employees for outstanding performance and proactive work, leveraging for this purpose state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies and implementing one of the leading ERP systems to automate our business processes;
  • we need to have an opportunity to relax actively to perform at our best. Therefore all our employees receive paid 28 days annual vacation;
  • we take care to ensure that our employees receive professional quality medical services, offering them voluntary medical insurance paid for by the company;
  • we work a statutory eight hours a day.

As Energon is constantly growing and developing and setting new targets, we always strive to engage the best of the best to achieve these goals, discern promise in entry-level specialists and create a powerful team to implement new challenging and complex projects.

Energon never stands still. Come and join us at a place where you will able to propose your own ideas!

If you have the necessary experience, the appropriate abilities and a real desire to apply your knowledge at our company or are a budding specialist and have decided that you want to develop in the power sector e-mail your CV and call us and we will discuss the proposals that we have to offer!

Write to us, for you may well be embarking on a new career:

Best regards, Staff recruitment department

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