Energon performs a full set of construction and assembly and start-up and adjustment operations on a turnkey basis at facilities in the power sector:
  • overhead power lines;
  • cable transmission lines;
  • substations;
  • distribution points;
  • transformer substations;
  • package transformer substations;
  • production and residential buildings installation of facilities in the power sector;;
  • general construction work;
  • installation and wiring work on power equipment;
  • start-up and adjustment work on power equipment (power equipment, relay protection and emergency controls systems, telematics, telecommunications equipment);
  • installation and supervision work of the power equipment of the leading domestic manufacturers;
  • set of work on constant current substations.

Our assets include:

  • trained and certified technical personnel with a long-term work record and experience, including enterprises-manufacturers;
  • company car fleet for specialist technology for the manufacture of construction and assembly work;
  • established contacts with power equipment manufacturers, accreditation among leading domestic producers for the right to perform the installation and supervision work of the equipment that they issued;
  • existence of long-term mutual relations with companies leasing the dedicated technology necessary for the performance of general construction work in different Russian regions;
  • experience of electric wiring and the commissioning of substations and power lines in different Russian climatic zones.
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