Energon provides services relating to the maintenance of power facilities:
  • warranty maintenance of power equipment supplied and assembled by our company on a turnkey basis;
  • warranty maintenance (performance of seasonal, preventive and technical inspections, initial start-up and adjustment work and regular preventive tests and measurements):
    • power equipment up to 220 kV;
    • relay protection and emergency control systems of 6-220 kV substations;
    • telecommunications systems;
    • system of telematics power supply facilities;
    • power transmission lines to 220 KV;
    • accumulator batteries for constant current systems.
  • training of the client's operating personnel in rules of working with installed power equipment;
  • performance of capital repairs of power units up to 220 kV on a turnkey basis.

  Advantages of the service equipment using the company's resources:
  • reduction in the client's personnel costs (wage, training and social obligations);
  • ability to offer a full service package starting from design and construction on a turnkey basis to installation and supervision services and the subsequent maintenance of the mounted power equipment, assessment of the state of the equipment and the issue of recommendations on the need to perform capital repairs or reconstruction against the clients emerging requirements;
  • guaranteed quality of the services performed by highly-skilled experienced engineers and workers;
  • existence of the necessary fleet of specialised technology.
  Our assets:
  • certified mobile power laboratories with trained and certified personnel with the right to perform measurements and high-voltage tests of the power equipment;
  • personnel of installation supervisors who have been trained and were granted access by the equipment manufacturer to the performance of installation and supervision work;
  • trained and certified power personnel for the performance of preventive work aimed at maintaining the main power equipment in an operable state (to 220 KW), and also secondary equipment: relay protection and emergency controls systems, telematics, telecommunications;
  • logistical support for equipment: spare parts, materials, appliances, instruments and other necessary components;
  • personnel who were trained at training centres of power equipment manufacturers, with the right to subsequently provide training to the power personnel of the client, which has been supplied with equipment or had it installed.
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